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June 19, 2008

How long before Firefox kills IE?

You agree that Firefox will eat away internet explorer completly?
Yes No

All of us know very well of Microsoft's least concern for competition in the market. It's monopoly is always a reason for not liking Microsoft, apart from Vista of course. Microsoft is often referred to as the company that generated a lot of millionaires, but no one wants to talk about the many companies that got bankrupt, thanks to Microsoft's way of doing things. Who wants better proof than Netscape, which was squashed by the software giant years ago. I wonder how many of us even remember it. But then Microsoft really has to rethink as to whether it can get along doing this forever. Welcome Firefox 3 . . .
In honor of Firefox 3 release, Microsoft's Internet Explorer team gave a cake to Mozilla. The tasty treat, which prominently displays IE's blue "e" icon, arrived at Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View.

gaufireThe cake congratulates Mozilla on shipping Firefox 3 and expresses love from the IE team. Microsoft's IE developers also sent a cake to Mozilla in 2006 following the release of Firefox 2, so this is clearly becoming a tradition. Portal jokes aside, the cake is a very friendly gesture of goodwill. As we have noted recently, the Internet Explorer team could learn a lot from Mozilla. Closer cooperation between Microsoft and Mozilla on standards and web innovation would be a big win for everyone. But until Microsoft gets its act straightened out, Mozilla will be eating Internet Explorer's marketshare in addition to cake.

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