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June 27, 2008

Get connected to internet even when you are at your relatives place:)

Sharing one of the reasons I don't like going away from home is the fear of no-internet at my relatives place.For many like me ,checking email regularly is very important job of t he day,without which you can't digest your food or can't even sleep peacefully.And what if where you have gone ,there is no internet connection available.
So the solution is BSNL DIAL UP....where ever you go just connect your relative's or whosoever's dial-up phone's cable to your laptop and setup a dial up connection as all dial up phones by BSNL are Internet Enabled now!!

The number to be dialed : 172222
User name : area code without zero and phone number of the landline connection . example: For some place Ambala area code is 0171 and phone number is XXXXXXX
Then username becomes 171XXXXXXX

Password: dataone

Thats it!!
Now check your mail or reply to orkut scraps or post blog posts ,the way i am doing it right now from my Grandmother's place. :))


  1. wheres ma link buddy....for a link exchange...u remember me

  2. i need a link from ur home page gaufire.blogspot.com can you?

  3. :)
    mast post hai :)

    BSNL ROX!!!!

    Jai BSNL Baba ki

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  5. thanku thanku!! yaa bsnl 'partially' roxx;)

  6. must say what an awesome post.Sounds funny but still very very useful and true...:))
    You are posting really good stuff these days on this blog.Keep posting.


  7. Jai Ho...

    Bsnl muni ki jai Jo..!!hu la la la ..heheheh

    thght bsnl was one of the boring and the worst connections...to my surprise ..nw it has stood to be one of the dost connection..hehehe

    gr8 jOb..BRoooo....

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  9. Gaurav baba ki bhi jai Ho..:P.