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June 25, 2008

GaufirePoll: Google storing everything-Is it justified or not?

Google doubtlessly revolutionized the way we used the internet. It became the portal as well as the guide to

Do you like Google storing your web history?
I have no problem with it.
No,I dont like this.Stop them!

almost anything on the internet. It's presence in the cyber world is immense; what more it actually became a verb in the dictionary. Called Backrub initially, Google didn't even get an encouraging response from the investors when founders Page and Brin tried their luck at a number of companies. From a mere search engine, Google today can boast of a number of services under its banner, whether acquired or created by its own engineers.
Till date, no company has ever come up with a search engine that could even come close to equal the secret algorithm that Google uses to rank the pages, based on a number of factors. The Search engine market, initially neglected by several online giants, today is a key to the revenue of Google. Google thrives on the online advertising income, and now has become a multi-billion dollar company. It is now venturing into several other domains, and is achieving great success in these areas as well.
There is no doubt that Google's growing success is a matter of grave concern for Microsoft, a company that was and probably still is so difficult to compete against that companies simply went bankrupt trying. There can be no better proof of the software giant's fright than it's attempt to purchase Internet giant YAHOO!, another revolutionary name of the world wide web, something which didn't materialize. Instead, we saw an alliance forge between Google and YAHOO!. Cannot blame Microsoft. Think of it this way : Google has already come up with its own online
word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation application that if perfected could even rival Microsoft office. This concept would start making all the sense with the age of virtual computers already upon us. And with blunders like Vista, Microsoft's area of expertise of OS might just lose credibility. They are surely far from losing out there, but with so much competition in the online arena, they seem to be doing things wrong already.
Our biggest issue against Google by far pertains to privacy concerns. Google stores all the activities performed on it by any user, and till now hasn't ever provided a clear explanation for this cataloguing of surfing history. Well that, and Google earth. Growth is a good thing, but not when you are growing at a rate that you may not be able to manage things properly. So far it hasn't happened, but we only hope not otherwise.

Thanks to Zubair for this article.

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