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June 24, 2008


VirtualDJ is the DJ software used by many big brands such as Numark, Denon or Gemini, and is used around the world by bedroom DJs and professional superstars alike. It features cutting-edge technology such as advanced beatlocking, automatic seamless loops, synchronized sampler, on the fly remix, music video mixing and scratching, timecode vinyl control, visual beat display, DRM, VST and freeframe effects, Internet broadcasting, and karaoke.

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  1. wesley says hey there : have not yet DUG into your blogspot but am here after search DIGG. Already have the software through crack and am online DJ at ustream.tv and camfrog chat rooms, etc. Also, I use software to broadcast my LIVE desktop with winamp MILK DROP running, a multi-cam frame captures that and my virtual dj and another with my face on cam. Was just perfecting this broadcast and was forced to switch to VISTA [long story]. Cannot do all this well at moment. Damn VISTA.

    AM looking for other VIRTUAL DJ users who cannot access all the features at official website because of not having product keys or are wary of entering the product key given through crack. That would be me.

    Please add a note if you would to this entry and link to a new Flickr.com VIRTUAL DJ group.


    ANYHOW, visit my blog at http://choppercat.blogspot.com and vote it please for BEST HOBBY blog. IT has a long way to go but then get in touch with me maybe by twitter.com/tikitoons or gTALK tikitoon

    Really stay in touch.

    PS: I will give you this link to software you should feature if not already.