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June 09, 2008

Blogger rolls out its own Blogroll widget

So blogger.com has added yet another useful Page Element to its list proving why bloggers around the globe prefer Blogspot over all other Blogging softwares.
So here i am reviewing this widget here:
Like all other blogger widgets this Blog List widget is simple and easy to use.Click on add a page element link and from the list of widgets present on the pop up window opened select Blog list widget Now You have 4 options to choose or select to show in the blog list ie Icon,Title of most recent item,Snippet of most recent item and date of latest update. To add a blog in the list its quite easy,just click on Add a blog to your list and just add URL and Link name and add link!! Sorting is also available ie whether to show blogs in your list in alphabatical order or most recently updated blog on top. According to blogger.com ,a blog list is much more than just a list of links: it's a live view of the blogs that matter to you.By default,your blog list will show recently updated blogs first. Blog List is good for link exchange with other blogs to get some necessary inbound link.
If you like this blog then please add it to your blog list:)

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