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June 05, 2008

Blackberry tips and tricks

Blackberry, which originally started off as a 2 way pager, has become a sensation in the hand held device arena. There were as many as 14 million subcribers as of April this year. Here we integrate all the useful sites that you will find useful in exploring your berry better. Enjoy ...

http://www.myberrystop.com - All Free BlackBerry Downloads and News
http://www.blackberrystuff.com - Blackberry FAQ.
http://www.mobilephoneshopuk.net - Contract Mobile Phone Deals
http://www.RIMarkable.com - The Official, Unofficial BlackBerry Weblog
http://www.squidoo.com/blackberry8700/ - Blackberry TV
http://www.mycellworld.com - Latest Blackberry Product
http://blackberryforums.pinstack.com - Blackberry Forums
http://pinstack.com/blackberryfaq - Largest Blackberry FAQ on the web.
http://www.blackberryforums.com/showthread.php?t=1844: The BlackBerry FAQ

- News and reviews about all things BlackBerry.
http://www.joern.de/BB/7100e.htm: Tips for the 7100 series
http://www.joern.de/BB/picse.htm: Pictures on BlackBerry 6xxx models
http://BlackBerry-Links.com BlackBerry links and resources
http://BlackBerry-NL.com Dutch BlackBerry support and information forum
http://BlackBerry-News.com The BlackBerry News site
http://BlackBerry-Central.nl BlackBerry News and Information - Dutch
http://www.besadmin.es Spanish BlackBerry user and administrators meeting point. Forum
http://www.blackberrytips.net BlackBerry Tips
http://www.gpxs.net - Take a BlackBerry handheld training
» Reviews, Software, Accessories and Handsets for the Blackberry 8100 Pearl
http://www.ibbug.org - Independent BlackBerry User Group (IBBUG)
http://www.blackberryden.com - Blackberry Gear
http://www.bbnuke.com - BlackBerry News and Community site, with themes, software and tips.
http://www.stypod.com - Lots of Free Apps and Games. Also tips.
http://www.blackberryking.com/review.htm: Review for blackberry products and items

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