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May 23, 2008

Yahoo! launching its new search marketing technology to compete google

We all are aware of Google's monoply in internet search marketing business.The only reason for the lead is their quality ,ease of paying and bidding,cheapest ad price and unique quality score plus content matching algorithm that gives exact and matching ads.
So after getting through the Microsoft bid to takeover ,Yahoo has decided to take the game on their own once more for bid to survival.
Today,Yahoo is launching their revamped SEARCH MARKETING TECHNOLOGY which is exactly the same which google is doing for last 4 years.
So do you think google has got some rival now or still he is the undisputed king of the Jungle.
ANd hey!! any one of you heard of Microsoft Ad Center...atleast not me yet!! pirat

So whats new Yahoo Sponsored Search??

  • A performance overview complete with graphs and a customised "watch list" of your "top " campaigns
  • Get your ads online within minutes earlier it took 3-5 days
  • Test your advertising messages and improve the quality of your ads and earlier it was not available
  • Manage your campaigns with the ability to schedule them by date and it was not available
  • Rank is based on both bid and quality score i.e ad quality[aptness of the ad to the landing page] and earlier it was just based on bidding
  • Keywords in an ad-group can have multiple ad serving
  • Contextual relevancy is matched with the content and your landing page.Earlier it was just matched with the keywords.
  • Keywords can automatically be inserted into titles and description earlier this process was manual
  • Customizable reports are now available

For more check sponsoredsearch.yahoo.com

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