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May 25, 2008

VerveEarth : Calling all bloggers

If you found VerveEarth intriguing when you first saw it, then you know what it can become. There are ultimately tens of millions of bloggers who could populate the map making it a vibrant reflection of our world. Imagine for a moment if VerveEarth had millions of users and blogs. You could zoom off to a faraway land and find interesting people in an instant. You could find and read the blogs of people on the ground in crisis zones, like Baghdad and Darfur. You could forge connections with bloggers in your home town. You could go to where the news is that day, whether it's tragedy or a World Series victory, and read the accounts of those affected.

But the feat of building VerveEarth must begin somewhere. The most successful websites all began with a core group of patrons. MySpace started with music junkies seeking a new vibe; Facebook was erected by college students looking to socialize. Bloggers are telling the story of the world, and VerveEarth is meant to be a canvas for their voices. We lack the resources to send out millions of invitations, so bloggers efforts to share this site with others will decide its future. If you think the site looks interesting, take a minute to let fellow blog authors know, and then watch it grow.

Here's some ways to contribute: 1) Email or drop a comment to fellow bloggers, 2) Add the VerveEarth medallion to your blog (see the "stats" link on your profile), 3) If you think it's relevant, mention us in your blog and 4) Share content with friends through the site.


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