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May 22, 2008

Microsoft to acquire Facebook for $20 billion : A rumour??

The MS-YAHOO! drama seems to be just escalating with the passing of every day. Recently Icahn confirmed that he would be commencing a proxy fight to remove Yahoo's Board of Directors in response to their "irrational" actions in rejecting Microsoft's takeover bid. And now it is being speculated that Microsoft is gearing up to acquire Facebook for a reported $20 billion. If you are wondering as to why Microsoft has suddenly decided to go on a shopping spree, trying to acquire YAHOO! for $31 a share, or $44.6 billion for all the shares, and then shell out another $20 billion for Facebook, then let us keep in mind that the recent findings have shown that Google has even overtaken YAHOO! as the most visited website in the US with 141 visitors, and YAHOO! at around 140.6 million visitors, while a concerned Microsoft seems to be way behind at 121.2 million users.

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