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May 13, 2008

How to Use Torrent files ?

1. Find a suitable torrent program (very often referred to as torrent client) that will suit your needs, two very good choices are uTorrent and Azureus. There are plenty of others available throughout the cyberspace.

2. Follow the instructions on downloading and installing the said client, which is similar to doing the same with any other software.

3. Go to a torrent site and search for a file you want to download (IsoHunt is a very good example). You can however search on Google for many more, but in many countries these sites are blocked. So you might want to take help of anonymous web surfing servers or such softwares as ultasurf, your freedom , JAP etc.

4. Once you have found the desired file on the torrent site, click the "Download This Torrent" (or however they word it). Usually, the web browser's file download manager will ask what to do with this file. You want to open the file with your torrent program.

5. If it doesn't open that way, just save the .Torrent file to an easy to locate place. Then open your torrent client and use the "Open Torrent" feature.

6. The download will start automatically. You may now go and do something to pass the time, because torrents do not require much intervention on your part.

7. After the file is downloaded, leave it open in the program to share with other people who are also trying to get the same file out of respect. This way the P2P community stays alive.

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