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May 16, 2008

Easiest way of creating a Facebook Application

One of the main reasons of success of facebook is the applications it provides you and over that even you can make a facebook application and let others subscribe to it and add to their profiles.
What I am going to tell you here in this post is a simple facebook app creation method which doesnt require any programing but ya,you should know how to make simple webpage.

Facebook application creation explained!!
  • To start with go to Developers : http://www.facebook.com/developers/ and click on create an application
  • Then you will have to enter the application name say : GaufireWeblogs
  • And will have to fill up a form,i tell you about the different terms used in the form in a while
  • Before that ,make a webpage where you can post videos or paste some content which you will change daily like horoscope or match scores etc and upload it on some webhost. Prefer http://pages.google.com for the page uploading
  • Ok so you are ready with your application content and interface [remember your webpage will be the interface of your application means your webpage is what the people will see as your app ---Getting my point??
  • Now let me throw some light on the terms you should know while filling up creating application form

Facebook will give you once you complete the basic details form,just copy paste whenever asked

Facebook will give you once you complete the basic details form,just copy paste whenever asked

Contact Email
Your email id

Support Email
Your email id

Callback URL
Address of the webpage where you uploaded it say http://infogaufire.googlepages.com/

Canvas URL
http://apps.facebook.com/gaufire/ : choose any name instead of gaufire

iframe : There will be two options FBML and iframe,use iframe only
Dev Mode?

Application Type
Desktop : You can choose either website or desktop

Side Nav URL
http://apps.facebook.com/gaufire/ : Same as that of Canvas URL

Private Install?

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Cricket Application!! : As name suggests describe your application
Default FBML
Put any simple html code like checkout my cool app or whatever

Any queries feel free to leave your comments here!!

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