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April 12, 2008

Increase your internet browsing speed with Firefox mozilla shortcuts

Best way to increase the speed of your internet browsing is using your keyboard instead of easy mouse..I am jotting down shortcuts some of the most used applications/activiteis while browinsing net to improve your browsing speed and save your time

Open a new tab : + T

To move between tabs:

Open a tab to left : +

Open a tab to right: +

To enter the website address/URL or Search critertion into the addressbar

Use + L or + D

If you want to open anywebsite say Gaufire.com, then just type Gaufire and press +

To search somthing on the page press + F

To search internet using the Search Bar press + K

To increase font of text : and + [plus]

To decrease the font of text : and - [minus]

If you know some more useful tricks..do share with us!!


  1. I tried Google Web Accelerator on my firefix...it has gud results.

  2. thanks for suggesting Google Accelerator ,but my friend..Have you noticed that it disrupts the opening of redirected pages like Gmail or Google Accounts...so for that google accelerator is required to be off...

    Anyways keep visiting and keep commenting..