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April 25, 2008

How To Clear Rundll.exe, Autorun.inf, Newfolder.exe?

Recently one of the visitor asked about Autorun.inf and Newfolder.exe
I want to know the way to delete these files. These are slowing down my system.

Answer: Go to start menu , then search, then "files or folders".

And search these three files one by one. Searching result will give you exact location of these files. Don't go to these folders in order to delete them. Just delete on the spot , i mean in the searching window. Right click these files and click delete. This will delete the file and don't forget to delete it from recycle bin. I have deleted several viruses this way, it works!

Note: Rundll32.exe is file already present in XP but Rundll.exe is due to Trojan or Worm attack and is not required in the system.


  1. Yeah...a very simple and easy way to get rid of them.