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January 14, 2008

Rapidshare Time Resetter + infinite rapidshare Download

NOTE: This is a third party content on Gaufire.com and Gaufire.com is not responsible for its non-working for you in any case.But you can leave your comments and link fault if any.

From Ethical Hacking and Cracking Orkut Community

This is the software which will reset rapidshare time and you can download as much as you want from rapidshare


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  1. So gufire don't try to make fool your readers.....you have just hosted that file to earn points on Rapidshare....
    and that is quite understable......

  2. i wud say thanks alot for bringing this possiblity in our concern.This post is a third party content and we have no personal gains from it. If more complains come-by we will chuck off this post.

  3. dude...
    the intention is good...
    thanks for providing amazng softwares , but the thing even after using the software everytime i download a rapidshare file , it still shows the waiting time..
    it doesnt work..
    can u pls check it

  4. thanks karthik for your comment. I better suggest you to check out this link....