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December 17, 2007


iTunes seems to be having a problem with adding new mp4 videos to libary. The problem seems to be with computers running vista generally.
You add the file and nothing happens or shows up after that. When you play the video using Quicktime it shows the “Error - 2002: a bad public movie atom was found in the movie”. The video play perfectly on any other media player with the right codecs.
The problems happens as a collabration of Quicktime, iTunes and Vista (also XP in some cases), how the three of them deal with the ID3 tags in the mp4 file.
So here’s a workaround that seems to be working for me. If you’re having this same problem and this works for you, please leave a comment so I’ll know that I’ve really solved the generic problem and not just some strange situation on my computer.

Step 1: Grab the Tagger software (main site) (and make sure you have a current JRE installed)
Step 2: After unzipping/untarring the software, double-click on the executable JAR file “tagger.jar”
Step 3: Use the “File | Open” menu option to open the MP4 you are having trouble importing into iTunes.
Step 4: Edit one or more of the tags using the Tagger software and click SAVE. (keep tags short)
Step 5: After Tagger finishes writing the new file with the new tags, add the file to iTunes like you normally would.
tagger alternate links:
FTP2SHARE (5 links)

Thanks To Ma good friend,Moh. Zubair.....thanks alot buddy!!:)

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    i am so confused! i am really frustrated with all these programs...Atomic Parsley, Tagger, Elementary? aghgh! i just want to know how to change the release date on some tv episodes i downloaded. i have downloaded tagger and get a javasoft archive. i extract this and it gives me two files- [AtomicParsley-utf8(application)], and [lib]. lib has four other javasoft archives that turn into links and jpeg images! what the heck? there is no exe! i do not know how to open this program. elementary does the EXACT SAME THING! i have the Java(TM) 6 Update 5 listed under my programs. am i missing any programs or what? i clicked on the tagger jar file and it said "could not find main class. program will now exit." i have tried using atomic parsley but do not know how to use the codes? i have dragged the application onto the cmd.exe. then i have dragged the file that i plan to edit the release date. but i have tried typing the commands (or codes) and hit enter but it does not change the release date on the original file... it does not display anything on the file on itunes (after adding the file in again)... PLEASE HELP ME. i thought i was a pretty good computer user until i ran into this stuff. man, this stuff is wierd and confusing... just please someone help me out!!!!! if there are any other programs that run on a windows xp that can help me out PLEASE TELL ME! thanks....