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September 09, 2007

Some easy windows tricks!!

System Tips
Use the 'wild card' (*) in system searches. It's possible to find all pictures by using *.jpg, for instance. To list virtually every graphic on your hard drive, try *.jpg; *.png; *.gif; *.bmp. Multiple searches are possible using a semicolon followed by a space, then the next item. This works foe other file types, too, like *.doc or *.txt.

The use of shortcut keys instead of mouse clicks is much more efficient. Re-training oneself to do so is a bit more challenging. Most folks know that pressing the CTRL key plus x cuts and item, CTRL+ c copies and CTRL+ v pastes, but don't forget to 'unload' the clipboard after copying a large graphic or hitting 'Print Screen.' Just copy something small, like a word of text, to replace that large load. Otherwise it ties up precious memory.

Here are some more to try:
CTRL+ A: Highlights all text in document
CTRL+ close window closes all windows
Windows: Display the Start menu
Windows + D: Minimize or restore all windows
Windows + E: Display Windows Explorer
Windows + F: Display Search for files
Windows + Ctrl + F: Display Search for computer
Windows + F1: Display Help and Support Center
Windows + R: Display Run dialog box
Windows + break: Display System Properties dialog box
Windows + shift + M: Undo minimize all windows
Windows + tab: move through taskbar buttons
Windows + U: Open Utility Manager
CTRL+ Z is an unlimited UNDO

In rich text environments like Outlook Express or Microsoft Word, SHIFT will traditionally 'select' and CTRL will 'move.' CTRL+ BACKSPACE will delete entire words at a time; CTRL+ HOME will take you to the top of the document; CTRL+ SHIFT + HOME will select all data between your cursor and the top of your document (END will take you to the end); CTRL+ LEFT CURSOR will move you one word back (and RIGHT will move you right); SHIFT+ HOME will select all text in that paragraph or line.

Want more? Search "Keyboard Shortcuts" on your own computer.



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