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September 24, 2007

Annonymous/Anonymous Surfing---Unblock the Blocked websites on LAN

As some you must be knowing that im doin my B.Tech from NIT Warangal....we have got high speed LAN in our hostel rooms but of new use for most of us most of the websites like orkut,youtube,google adsense ,kproxy,englishtunnel,all other proxy websites etc are blocked.So it made me to research a bit on surfing net anonymously.....and thankfully i came across following of the two best softwares or simple programs which makes you anonymous on the LAN server by connecting you to main server through a third party server...hence the firewalls in the Hostel server are no more applicable on your surfing..and hence you n me can enjoy breakless orkuting or what ever...Mind you!!! That these softwares/platforms/applications are better than proxy websites...and what if your LAN administrator blocks all the proxy websites too....

UltraSurf is a better and fast application than JAP.....

Download JAP

Download Ultrasurf

Your Freedom -Best for anonymous surfing

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