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August 16, 2007

Trojan Attack Tutorial -Vol 3

**Feel free to distribute this text however you would like, all I ask
is that you don't modify it in any way. If you would like to give
me a yell then by all means come and find me**************

****I am not responsible for anything stupid you may end up doing****

1. Other Trojans

2. IP's

3. On Your Way


1. Other Trojans

Well people we've finnally come to the end of the Beginner Guides to
Trojan Hacking. I hope by the time you've read this one that you've
gained access to at least 2 systems. If you haven't, well you need to,
reading these helps you none if you don't practice what you have learned
while reading. Well on to the last little piece of information I will
be giving you in this series. Other trojans, so you've used Netbus 1.7,
(and hopefully by now you've found a copy of Netbus 2.0), also you used
BO 2k (possibly even an older version of BO that you found). Now what
are some other good Trojans to get your hands on. Well the first one
that I would definately suggest to yo would be SubSeven, this is a fairly
new Trojan its been out for a while, but the latest releases are getting
better. It has many more options that either Netbus, or BO2K, and its
less likely to be detected by some OS's. You may also find that RAT,
which stands for remote administration tool, a fairly useful thing to
have around. Among other programs you will probably run accross would
be Girl Friend (yeah kinda stupid name but hell it works), Cayman, and
Executor. All are fairly decent progs that you will find hours of
enjoyment while using. Never stop visiting hacker sites, thats where
you will find out about newer versions of Trojans you already know and
love, but new trojans all together. Visit message boards to keep
current and ask questions.

2. IP's

Well, we all know how to obtain IP numbers through ICQ right. Well
some people asked me about what to do when there IP doesn't show up
in the ICQ IP Scanner. Well I'm gonna tell you. I'm going to teach
you a very important command. To use this command you need to be
connected to the internet, you'll need to open up your MS-Dos prompt
and type the command 'netstat'. This will bring up a list of all
open connections on your computer. Now the connection to someone
of whom you may be in contact with via ICQ, AIM, or MSN IM, will be
somewhere in this information you've just recieved, finding it is
the only hard part. Look for the ellaborate one normally this will
be your victims IP address. As stated there are several programs
that you will find your victims IP addy in, some chat rooms will
let you see the connection IP. But this tool you will have to play
with and learn about.

Another way to attain the IP of a victim is also a very simple way.
This one however involves more trickery on your part. Find yourself
a Counter (yeah those things at the bottom of web pages), that when
you look through your stats you can see the IP of those who have
visited you. This will vary by the counter that you use. Just tell
your victim to visit your website, log into your counter manager thing
and look for your victims IP addy. Simple huh.

A third way for you to gain an IP is to have someone visit a
Message Board that posts the posters IP address along with there
message. Just know there handle, then look at there IP, and you got
it. Again pretty easy huh. Your probably sitting there saying to
yourself 'Damn why didn't I think of that'. Well your not a hacker
yet but your getting there.

Now I've let you in on 4 ways to attain your victims IP address thus
far. Now I'll tell you that there are so many ways of tricking some
one into getting there IP address from them its almost a shame. Now
go and be a caniving thinker and find some IP's.

The last way to snatch someone's IP that I will tell you, is to get
them to your site, and simply do a Trace Root from your site. Again

3. On you way

Well at this point in my text files I ussually tell you not to be
stupid and be careful. But this time I'm gonna give you some more
tips. Wherever you go carry a couple of disks with you. About 3
will do you. Each of them should contain the server program for 3
different trojans (this is the reason you should be familiar with
quite a few of them). None of the programs should be named
'server.exe'. None of the disks should be labelled, they should
be color coded so that only you know what is on each. Keep them
with you, in your car or something. That way if the opportunity
ever arrisses for access to another persons comp you'll have it.
Even if its just a friends comp, knowledge is power. The more you
control the more knowledge you have and the more powerful you
become. Another reason for carrying 3 different server programs is
that one of them has a chance of working, yeah people who keep
the McAffee current will pick up some trojans, and others will
not, if you manage to get one on then be cool about it. If you
manage to get all 3 on then you'll increase your chances for a
longj, happy hold over that persons system. Understand.... good.

Another thing you may wish to do is a little pirating, yeah you
know what I'm talking about if you make copies of games (don't tell
me you don't). Distribute them to your friends with a small program
thats under 20k, that will let you rule there computer. You know
most people never know there bugged, the hacker simply looses
interest in the system they are playing on. One more thing and I'll
let you go, if you never take over the persons mouse, never delete
any files, but just access there comp and explore, do some screen
dumps and other shit like that, you will never loose your access to
that comp (99.8% of the time anyway). Because people get scarred, if
they find that someone is in there system, controlling mouses and
crap like that they will go buy some software, and keep you out.
Plain and simple.

4- Why to do it, and Ethics

Well here's the end, I know your saying 'they always end like this',
well whats wrong with ending like this. You should read this, this is
what makes hacking so great, why we exist, knowledge, understanding and
power. But hey, if you don't thats ok to. When the feds bust down
your door I want to laugh at you ok.

1. Don't alter or delete any files, other than those to protect yourself
2. DO NOT hack government computers
3. Yes you can be traced if your not careful, so please take heed
(bet you didn't notice the last one said head instad of heed)

***Never stop learning, once you do, you might as well be dead***

Source: NIT Warangal Hostel LAN


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