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November 08, 2007

Unblock any website + Free Download +anonymous surfing+proxy

Anonymity is not a crime!!!

No problem if orkut/youtube etc is blocked in your office or college or school....and you are fed up of using proxy websites and there low urfing speeds.And what worse if these proxy websites are also blocked.....phew!!!!
But no problems..... Download JAP [Download mirror 1]and easily surf any blocked website with anonymity

Step 1: Download JAP
Step 2: Execute Setup file [may take few minutes depending upon internet speed]
Step 3: Change you Explorer LAN connection settings

Change the default gateway IP to and port 4001

Thats it you have gained independence to free to surf any website....

Happy Independence day...[courtesy GaufireSpeaks] hehehehe... :)

Free Download JAP

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Your Freedom for Anonymous Surfing-Best Tunneling application


  1. Amazing!! And sumone'z no.1 in tech blogs too. :)

  2. Heyyyy Adi....thankxx for the comments...

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  4. http://www.pagemod.com

    goto the site:
    Enter URL in the box and
    BROWSE!! and FAST too.They have got multiple Dedicated Servers Running
    This website 100% not blocked

    Also they have a secure server mode https://www.pagemod.com
    Even Email and group Subscription to get updates on new domains
    so to be sure you can access.. even if their primary domain gets blocked
    No restrictions!!

    If any thing goes wrong and you cannot access the site.send email to report@pagemod.com to settle the issue.
    Everything is done to bypass most filters and firewalls..like deleting words like myspace,orkut,proxy etc
    from the content of the page.