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August 24, 2007

Good News From GaufireSpeaks BoardRoom!!

Dear visitors and advertisers
Thanks for placing this an immense trust in us and our rather your blog that its getting over 400-500 hits a day.Its you people only which keep us going n striving for best possible knowledge to post and share.
Im glad to announce that GaufireSpeaks [series of useful blog] is going to add a new feather in its cap in the form of User Request based "free Music,Music players n Lyrics downloads blog" soon with start up database of 10GB or so....but in coming days we'll be upgrading it to many folds.So hope you will like our new venture.Work is just about to finalize soon and we will announce the launch of the above said blog soon.

Gaurav Sharma
Gaufire Inc.


  1. Good news! Good news! I'm loking forward to it.

    Also, you've been tagged by me. Visit my blog for more and owner the tag sooooooooooooon.

  2. thankxxx...alot....for your comment