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July 29, 2007

Recovering Windows Password

This method can be used 2 change the password of an xp pc without knowing the current password...follow the steps

Start >> Run >> [type]cmd // this will open your command prompt
[type] net(space)user(press enter)
[type] net(space)user(space)[windowsloginid](space)*(press enter)

// for e.g. : net user HOME *(press enter)

[type] new password (press enter) and retype it (press enter).. it will show u confirmation... // caution it wont show u the password u type.. but it still types.. the blinking pointer will b there at the same place.. but it still works..
// for e.g. : password changed successfully.

courtesy:Sriram Frenzz


  1. that's true....works nice. i know this old, practic trick

  2. Hey Gaurav...
    you are indeed genius... thankx for latest hacking techniques...thanx buddy... my email id is yousef.yorden@yahoo.com...

  3. hi gaurav...can u help me 2 create my mail id very uniquely... my id is satyaja_3@yahoo.com

  4. hey satyaja..i cudnt get wat u asking for by saying creating unique id...explain it a bit more..