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May 26, 2007

Windows LOgin Hacking

To hack windows login password,reboot and wait for the message.....'Starting Windows 9x....'

When you see this on the screen,press F8. The boot menu will come up. Select option 7,to boot into Dos.Then go to Windows directory by typing:
C:\>cd windows

Then ,rename all files with extension .pwl by typing the following command:

C:\windows>ren *.pwl *.xyz

or delete them by typing

C:\windows>del *.pwl *.xyz

Now when the windows password login pops up,u can write anything in place where password has got to be typed .As you hav renamed the files or deleted them...so computer cnt find .pwl file and takes ur entered password as login.


  1. i searched for *.pwl file but found no results.

  2. Coool man!!! its really ready to use stuff

  3. hey ajay...the post i made was for Wndows 98..now i hav uploaded method for XP ...check it out>>